Manaiakalani - Secondary Student Blogs

There is some wonderful sharing happening with our secondary school students across our high schools.  The examples below show students from Year 9 - Year 13 reflecting on their learning and expressing their opinions on things that matter to them.  They're sharing photos, podcasts, 3D models and videos of their work.   Please take the time to leave an encouraging comment or two on their blog post.  

Louise @ Hornby High School

Biology - Diffusion Experiment 

Lorelei @ Hornby High School

Osmosis in Gummy Bears

Anne @ Hornby High 

Yr10 - Corrosion Experiment

Hayley @ Campion College

Yr12 - Predicting precipitation

Amelia @ Tamaki College

Yr 9 Numeracy 3D Shapes 

Natasha @ Hornby High 

Yr 12 Past Problems

Liam @ Hornby High School

Yr 10 Drill Gauge Revision 

Gabriel @ Hornby High School

Yr 10 My Digital Drill Gauge

Caleb @ Hornby High School

Yr 12 My Can Crusher

Lilly @ Bay of Islands College

Yr 10 - Social Studies

Ocean @ Bay of Islands College

Yr10 - Hitler & the Nazi Gang

Malia @ Bay of Islands College

Yr 10 The Government

Aisha @ Bay of Islands College

Yr 10 Human rights podcast

Capri @ Bay of Islands College

Outsiders reading response

Sarah @ Hornby High School

Yr10- English Essay 

Molly @ Hornby High

Yr12 What is propaganda? 

Lovely @ Hornby High 

Yr 13 Breaking Copyright 

Bella @ Campion College

Amazing Spaces House Design

Jaime @ Hornby High School

Yr 12- Painting Update

Alayna @ Hornby High School

Yr12- Art/Photography

Jhermaine @ Hornby High 

Yr 12 Rinko Kawauchi Photography

Georgia @ Westland High

Musical Interview

Lachlan @ Hornby High 

Yr 13 Music Composition

Sofia @ Hornby High School

Yr 10 Digital Technologies Reflection