Manaiakalani Secondary Connect

Provoking Extended Discussion with Secondary Students

Secondary Connect - LEARN (2022-03-30 19:30 GMT-7)
2022 T1- Secondary Connect:

NCEA new Literacy Standards

Manaiakalani Secondary Specialist, Kerry Boyde-Preece recapped on the new NCEA Literacy Standards and the connection to Manaiakalani's Learn, Create, Share pedagogy.

NCEA Literacy Standards 2023 - Kerry Boyde-Preece
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Developing Extended Discussions with Paideia

Manaiakalani Professional Supervisor, Anne Sinclair, explained how the Paideia approach and Socratic questioning replicates Learn, Create, Share in many ways. This methodology allows teachers to scaffold learning and develop extended discussions that are student led, providing the ideal forum for argumentation to happen.

"Looking at the new NCEA literacy standards for both Reading and Writing using the Big idea. I was struck by the need to find alternative ways of making this happen. So it is in the context of making sense of written texts, reading critically and for different purposes, that I am suggesting the Paideia approach as part of our kite."

Anne Sinclair

Anne Sinclair - The Paideia approach
Paidiea Group Discussion
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Paideia Practice Discussion

Why give time to extended discussion?

Manaiakalani Research Facilitator, Kiri Kirkpatrick, outlined the potential impact and benefits of extended student led discussions in terms of understanding and achievement.

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Almarode, J., Hattie, J., Fisher, D., & Frey, N. (2021). Reinvesting and Rebounding.

Kiri Kirkpatrick's Secondary Connect presenation

Collaborative Reasoning

Manaiakalani Literacy Facilitator, Naomi Rosedale, discussed how Collaborative Reasoning can support extended discussions. Naomi shared a number of resources that teachers can repurpose for their students.

Clark, A. M., Anderson, R. C., Kuo, L. J., Kim, I. H., Archodidou, A., & Nguyen-Jahiel, K. (2003). Collaborative reasoning: Expanding ways for children to talk and think in school. Educational Psychology Review, 15(2), 181-198.

Naomi Rosedale: Extended Discussion for Transfer