Manaiakalani Secondary Connect 

MIT Scholars 2022

At our last Secondary Connect for 2022, we had two exceptional presenters Pip Gorrie-Lawn from Coastal Taranaki School and Anusha Soupen of Papakura High School.   Both were Manaiakalani Innovative Teachers in 2022, who worked tirelessly throughout the year on their design inquiry research.  

To learn more about their inquiry, see the slide deck, video recordings and blog links below.  

Skim, scan, read and question

Pip Gorrie-Lawn

Coastal Taranaki School: Year 9/10 English Curriculum 

Pip's inquiry focus included how to support disengaged readers in her year 9 and 10 classes.  She had observed students struggling to answer questions from text they had never seen before.  Her key priority then was how to support her learners and motivate them to persevere with challenging text.  

In this presentation, Pip explains how to use Skim, Scan, Read and Question in combination with a highlight tool addon to supports students' comprehension with unseen text.  

If you use Pip's tool, please email her and let her know how you found it or if you have any other suggestions for further development.  


MORE classroom examples here:  Pip Gorrie-Lawn’s Professional Blog

Pip Gorrie-Lawn's professional blog

Secondary Connect T4 2022 - Quick Questioning - Pip Gorrie-Lawn
Pip Gorrie - Made with Clipchamp_1674172854865.mp4

Choices, Chances, Changes

Anusha Nirene Soupen 

Papakura High School: 

Head of Faculty : Mathematics Statistics & Commerce

Anusha's presentation focused on how using student-selected themes from contemporary topics like the black lives matters movement and the Dawn Raids aided students' interest and motivation to learn in her combined Yr 11 - 13 Mathematics, Statistics and Commerce class.    

Her pedagogical influences included the SAMR (Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition) model, (developed by Dr Ruben Puentedura) which she applied in combination with a website to support her senior statistics classes.  Results from her findings were promising and showed this approach improved the achievement in the Probability assessment for her Y13 students.  You can read more her inquiry on her professional blog 

Anusha Nirene Soupen : Pecha Kucha Slide Deck
Anusha Soupen - Made with Clipchamp_1674183428215.mp4