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Ruth Hills - Made with Clipchamp_1660892074805.mp4

Ruth Hills, HoD of PE & Health at Bay of Islands College talks about the positive impact regular blogging had with her Year 11 students' writing, which resulted in improved learning outcomes for their achievement standards.

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PE & Health - - Department Discussion

Jason Borland

Video analysis for sport performance

Head of PE at Papakura High School, Jason Borland presented at a Secondary Connect and shared how he is using Vidalyze with his senior students.

With Vidalyze, students are able to upload video footage and critique their own performance techniques. Tools within the app, give students the ability to draw over the top of their video and add a voice over to explain their learning.

Jason, talks about the benefits of students using Vidalyze for assessment evidence with Achievement Standards AS90962 1.2, Participate actively in a variety of physical activities and explain factors that influence own participation, AS91327 2.2, Examine the role and significance of physical activity in the lives of young people in New Zealand.

Secondary Connect Jason Borland

If you're like more information, you can connect with Jason via his professional blog


EdPuzzle brings an interactive element for students to help show their understanding. Teachers can add multi-choice and open-ended questions at various time points throughout the video. Create your own, or repurpose other teacher's resources. With a premium education account, you can add your own voice overs. A great rewindable learning tool.

The videos below are examples of how EdPuzzle videos look in a Google site. Students can interact with them directly in your class site which helps to keep them focused.

Ben Sapwell-West

Coastal Taranaki School