Manaiakalani Secondary Connects

Secondary Connects are online events where Manaiakalani teachers, principals and academics come together to discuss effective strategies to turbocharge students’ learning.

If you are interested in learning how these professionals are positioning themselves ahead of the curve and would like to find out more about how Learn, Create, Share pedagogy can influence student engagement and learning outcomes, join us at future Secondary Connects.

We had two exceptional educators share with us how they have embedded regular blogging into their classroom practice.

Ruth Hills, Head of PE and Health at Bay of Islands College will share how she has fostered a class culture of whanaungatanga, manaakitanga and aroha that extends into the online environment with students’ publishing their writing through a class blog.

Using a Growth Mindset approach, students are supporting one another to build confidence in expressing their ideas through writing. This is enabling students to feel more prepared for their written NCEA assessments.

Rowena Clemence, Head of Art at Hornby High School has mastered the technique of regular blogging with her students, as an aid to help them verbalise their thoughts, articulate ideas and illustrate their comprehension. Students share their progress online throughout the year and this is proving to be a useful tool to moderate NCEA internals, while providing a running record of their learning. Click here to view the presenters' slides and recording.

Turbocharge learning for high school students by developing Create opportunities

In term two, the Manaiakalani programme focuses on how Create activities can engage students with their learning which leads to a deepening of their understanding and knowledge.

Hornby High School is a college that prides itself on being A Centre For Creative Excellence. The principal Robin Sutton, encourages his team to foster creativity in every learning opportunity to enhance students' academic experience.

At this Secondary Connect event, Robin Sutton shared with us his thoughts and ideas on leadership qualities that help to motivate creativity and innovation.

His presentation was followed by the school's Head of Technology, Uai Liu who showcased innovative learning with projects like Grow Waitaha, Taro Project - 4C Makerspace and Designer in the Classroom.

Lockdown Learning

What can we learn from Lockdown learning? Principal, Edith Painting-Davis from Bay of Islands College, shared with us some of the challenges and triumphs the school experienced during their time of distance learning. Student insights were shared, and new systems were developed to help streamline teachers' workflow and engage students.

Tim Shawcross from Westland High School shared some highly effective literacy strategies from his own teaching practice. Tim, a teacher of Music and photography explained how he improved students' achievement outcomes in theory and analysis based NCEA music standards

Engage with Create

The intention for term two's Secondary Connect for 2021 was to discover how our schools engage students with creativity. We heard from Karen Ferguson at Tamaki College, Stephen Aitken at Ōtaki College and Marc Milford, the literacy specialist at Tamaki College. We also heard from the Manaiakalani research manager, Georgie Hamilton, about this year's classroom observation tool and the alignment to the new literacy standards.

Reading Strategies at High School

At this Secondary Connect, we were fortunate to have Associate Professor Aaron Wilson, Dr Yannie Van Hees and two high school teachers present. Anne Sinclair followed on with a vibrant discussion that left educators feeling inspired and motivated for developing reading strategies within their classes.

Recordings and slides from our presenters are available below with the full unedited recording available here.

Good Morning Zoon

T-shaped literacy in a mixed level secondary classroom

Using word mats to apply learning from texts.

Reading is meaning-making

Social Science

There is some amazing work being done in the Social Science departments across the country. In this Secondary Connect, we heard from Amy Honey and Lauren Taylor from Mairehau High School and the extensive work they have accomplished over the past three years. Dot Apelu from Tamaki College shared how she developed relationships with students and whanau during lockdown and provides with an overview of the online tool Miro. Angela Seyb from Greymouth High School talked about the enhanced engagements with her students using digital storytelling and interactive mapping with the online app ARCGIS.

Angela Seyb

Greymouth High School

  • HOD Mathematics 2020

  • HOD Social Science 2017-1019

Blogging at high school

Teachers at Hornby High School in Christchurch are turbo-charging students' learning through regular blogging. Supporting students to share their learning on their blogs, forms the basis of student's evidence for their achievement standards.

Click on the presentation links to view the rewindable learning resources including presenters slides and videos.

Rowena Clemence

Head of Art /E-Learning leader/Year 12 Dean

Always start with WHY

Sarah Handley

English/Classics Teacher, Yr 10 Dean

The Benefits of Individual Blogging

English and Literacy

With this month's focus on English and Literacy at secondary school, our presenters offer a deep perspective on developing student's literacy. Scott Aitken reflects on his findings from his recent Masters study. Willie Yuile shares some tips and tricks around rewindable learning and Dr Aaron Wilson explains how various strategies can be used to increase students' critical thinking through T-Shaped literacy .

PE and Health

In the first of our Secondary Connects we hear from three high school teachers who are utilising digital technologies to help students produce evidence for their achievement standards. Ruth Hills discusses her view on students' blogging through a culturally responsive lens. Jason Borland shows how student's videos can improve student's evaluation and Kata O'Donnell shares some great brainstorming and rewindable learning ideas.

Kata O’Donnell

Teacher in Charge of Health, Class-on-air teacher 2020

Digital Learning Tools:Miro, Screencastify and Kialo