Manaiakalani - Engage with Create

Thursday 10th June

The intention for term two's Secondary Connect for 2021 was to discover how our schools engage students with creativity.

We heard from Karen Ferguson at Tamaki College, Stephen Aitken at Ōtaki College and Marc Milford , the literacy specialist at Tamaki College.

We also heard from the Manaiakalani research manager, Georgie Hamilton, about this year's classroom observation tool and the alignment to the new literacy standards.

Engaging with Create: Secondary Connect:

Classroom observations

Manaiakalani Research Manager, Georgie Hamilton explains the Designing Learning with the End in Mind observation tool and the connections to the new literacy standards.

Research observations.mp4

Karen Ferguson

Tamaki College: Teacher of Design and Visual Communication, Manaiaiakalani in school CoL for Tamaki College

Higher order thinking skills using SOLO and Google Draw

Karen was a Manaiakalani Innovative Teacher in 2014 and 2015. In 2017 and 2018, Karen was a Manaiakalani class on Air teacher, creating many episodes showcasing her teaching practice in the classroom. In this presentation, Karen shares how she visually engages students with Google Draw graphic organisers to help them prepare for their achievement standard evidence.

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Higher Order Thinking Skills
Karen Ferguson.mp4

Stephen Aitken

Ōtaki College: Head of Digital media

Stephen started his teaching career back in 1988. He’s then gone on to teach Music and Drama at secondary school and later digital media. Stephen then spent some years working for Capital E studios in Wellington, an education programme to ignite that creative spark in young people through film and digital media. He’s now at Ōtaki College as the Head of Digital media, overseeing an extensive range of digital media programmes, PP2Ō, Maoriland, Coast Access Radio, Ōtaki College Strategic Plan, Animation, TV Series Phatman and the Ōtaki CollegeTV Weekly show. Stephen talked about he engages students with their local community to create digital media projects.

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Stephen Aitken
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Marc Milford

Literacy Advisor at Tamaki College

Marc works with teachers to help them find ways to bridge the gap between the demands of writing or reading tasks and the comprehension and fluency levels of their students. This involves developing vocabulary tasks, scaffolding texts and the use of functional grammar in writing exercises. Marc shared how he uses group work to improve student fluency when attempting writing tasks.

The Literacy Blend

Marc Milford - Judged Group Writing Task
Marc Milford.mp4