Manaiakalani - PE and Health

Secondary School Connect - Physical Education and Health

The first of our Secondary School Connects was held on Wednesday 10th June.. We heard three different perspectives from three teachers who are each using digital technologies to turbo-charge students' learning. The focus of this particular Secondary Connect was Physical Education and Health however, the shared teaching strategies could potentially be harnessed in any learning area.

Maniakalani Secondary Connects

Ruth Hills

Bay of Islands College: Head of PE

Blogging through a culturally responsive pedagogical lens

Ruth Hills is the Head of PE at Bay of Islands College. Ruth will share how she has retained her commitment to Culturally Responsive and Relational Pedagogy (CR&RP) through class blogs. Ruth will also show how students who blogged regularly about their lockdown training in har Y11,Y12 and Y13 classes has significantly improved her students writing and understanding enabling them to prepare well for their assessments. Ruth's professional blog link

Manaiakalani Secondary Connect (2020-06-09 at 20_37 GMT-7).mp4

Jason Borland

Papakura High School: Head of PE

Video analysis for sports performance

Jason Borland, Head of PE at Papakura High School explained how he was using video analysis tools with his students for sports performance assessments. The vidalyze analysis software allowed senior students to evaluate their skills performance and biomechanical analysis.

Connect with Jason via his professional blog


Kata O’Donnell

Tamaki College: Teacher in Charge of Health, Class-on-air teacher 2020

Digital Learning Tools: Miro, Screencastify and Kialo Ed

Kata O'Donnell, Teacher in Charge of Health at Tamaki College will talk about her role as a class on air teacher. Kata will also share how she uses technology in the classroom to engage students through Learn, Create, Share.


Full Video recording

If you would like to see the entire recording of Manaiakalani's Secondary Connect: PE and Health from Wednesday 10th June 2020 click the video on the right.