AI for Educators: Prompts, Platforms and Pedagogy

Dr Craig Hansen

MOE Facilitator, 

Professor of Flight, 

Summit Institute

Our Secondary Connect in term two , was an opportunity for participants to learn from Dr Craig Hansen about the transformative role of AI in education. 

Craig shared with us how AI can revolutionise teachers' practice in a variety of ways.  He explained the differences between curriculum and pedagogy-driven platforms versus productivity platforms.  Craig suggested that understanding the purpose of each platform is crucial for their effective use in educational contexts.

AI tools like Brisk, Magic School, Diffit, ChatGPT, Eduaide.AI and TeachAid are valuable tools to add to your kete.  

To view the full recording which covered the above mentioned AI tools, click below.   

Manaiakalani Secondary Connect: AI for Educators: Prompts, Platforms and Pedagogy (2024-05-09 15:29 GMT+12)
Manaiakalani - TeachAid intro for teachers & leaders -

Craig has created a short video that steps you through how to use and access the curriculum based AI program, TeachAID.  This platform developed in Canada integrates the New Zealand (2007) Curriculum through to NCEA levels.  If you find that a specific Achievement Standard is not available in the TeachAID interface, you can email the AS to Craig directly for inclusion.

Three-step guide for effectively prompting AI tools:

For more information on Prompt engineering visit Anthropic