LEARN: Differentiated Learning at Hornby High School 


At our recent Secondary Connect event for term one, we were fortunate to have Alexandra Aitken, Head of Health at Hornby High School, as our guest speaker. Alexandra shared with us the remarkable progress her department has seen in both student engagement and academic performance since implementing a differentiated learning approach.

In response to their students' diverse learning needs, the Health Department at Hornby High School revamped their curriculum units to cater to various proficiency levels, using Ace, Pro, Legend, and Titan. This approach allows students the flexibility to choose the level at which they feel most comfortable working, and they also have the freedom to transition between levels as needed.

One unexpected outcome of this approach was the emergence of a collaborative learning environment, where students actively supported and taught one another, leading to reduced dependence on teachers. Notably, this shift in dynamics also resulted in improved student behavior and a noticeable increase in intrinsic motivation among students.

If you missed Alexandra's presentation, you can watch the recording on the right. Additionally, Alexandra has graciously provided access to the school's resources through links in her Ace, Pro and Legend document. Feel free to reach out to her via email if you'd like to delve deeper into the discussion or make use of the resources she shared.

Manaiakalani Secondary Connect (2024-02-20 15:30 GMT+13)