Manaiakalani - Turbocharge learning for high school students with Create

In term two, the Manaiakalani programme focused on how Create activities can engage students with their learning which leads to a deepening of their understanding and knowledge.

Hornby High School is a college that prides itself on being A Centre For Creative Excellence. The principal Robin Sutton, encourages his team to foster creativity in every learning opportunity to enhance students' academic experience.

At this Secondary Connect event, Robin Sutton shared with us his thoughts and ideas on leadership qualities that help to motivate creativity and innovation.

His presentation was followed by the school's Head of Technology, Uai Liu who showcased innovative learning with projects like Grow Waitaha, Taro Project - 4C Makerspace and Designer in the Classroom.

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Robin Sutton

Principal at Hornby High School

Leading for creativity - Setting the conditions for success

Robin talked about how to create the right learning environment so that students and teachers can thrive through creativity. He shared his thoughts on how to build creative communities that promote and support risk taking. By valuing creativity in every aspect of learning we are able to amplify students' understanding and positively impact students' wellbeing across all cultural boundaries.

Visit Robin's professional blog Whakatauki: He waka eke noa

Uai Liu

Head of Technology at Hornby High School

The culture of connected relationships

Uai Liu, has created an immersive culture of learning with his students integrating STEM Create activities that incorporate virtual reality, electronics and makerspace scenarios. He discussed how he is co-designing learning opportunities through community connections that give students real world experience with industry professionals. These hands-on authentic learning scenarios, are enhancing students engagement and importantly leading to improved achievement outcomes.

Leading for creativity - Robin Sutton