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Our guest speaker for this Department Discussion was Anna Richardson, the ARTS specialist and NCEA Implementation Officer for the Ministry of Education.  Anna shared with us valuable information about the upcoming changes for NCEA in the ARTS covering the learning matrix, significant learning and big ideas. 

Anna also discussed approaches and ideas for the inclusion of Mātauranga Māori and Pacifica values, along with resources that support literacy and numeracy in the ARTS.

There is a video recording of this meeting on the right.  

Arts, Drama, Music, Performing Arts Manaiakalani Discussion (2023-09-07 15:32 GMT+12)

Rowena Clemence

Head of Arts - Hornby High School

Why Sharing is Important to my Pedagogy

Rowena Clemence is the Head of Arts at Hornby High School.  Rowena has been a strong advocate for many years on Learn, Create, Share and particularly the benefits of students publishing their work online.  She believes regular blogging enables her students' to model concepts that they're exploring within their own artwork.   

Students are encouraged to use their blog as an online art gallery and this provides the ideal platform for direct feedback from teachers and their peers.  Utilising, the positive, thoughtful, helpful blog comment framework, students are learning to give purposeful critique which helps them develop their own critical perspective.  Examples of Rowena's students' blog posts are highlighted below.  

Why sharing is important to my pedagogy?
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