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Nau mai haere mai, welcome to the Manaiakalani online resource hub for teachers of the Arts.  

Our Department Discussions are running again in 2023, so if you're a teacher interested in high school arts, music, performing arts, dance or drama,, we'd love you to join us.  This is an opportunity to network with specialist subject teachers across the country, to collaborate and share best practice.  

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Our guest speaker for this Department Discussion was Anna Richardson, the ARTS specialist and NCEA Implementation Officer for the Ministry of Education.  Anna shared with us valuable information about the upcoming changes for NCEA in the ARTS covering the learning matrix, significant learning and big ideas. 

Anna also discussed approaches and ideas for the inclusion of Mātauranga Māori and Pacifica values, along with resources that support literacy and numeracy in the ARTS.

There is a video recording of this meeting on the right.  

Arts, Drama, Music, Performing Arts Manaiakalani Discussion (2023-09-07 15:32 GMT+12)

In this Department Discussion with teachers in the Arts, our conversation focused on what Learn looks like across our high schools.  To view the recording, click on the video on the right.

Art, Drama, Music, Performing Arts - Manaiakalani Department Discussions (2022-02-28 18:29 GMT-8)
The Arts - Manaiakalani Secondary School Department Discussions

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EdPuzzle brings an interactive element for students to help show their understanding.  Teachers can add multi-choice and open-ended questions at various time points throughout the video.  Create your own, or repurpose other teacher's resources.  With a premium education account, you can add your own voice overs.  A great rewindable learning tool.  

Google Arts and Culture

Google Arts and Culture collates artworks from cultural institutions and artists around the world.  Content can be searched by timelines and topics. 

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Quick and easy to use, edit images by inserting your photo into various scenes and easily apply effects.   Image files can be downloaded in a variety of sizes.

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The Arts - Department Discussion

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