Hornby High School

Robin Sutton


Hornby High School - Uru Mānuka Cluster

At Hornby High School, every student is known and valued as an individual, and personalized pathways – academic, cultural, sporting – are created.

As a school of nearly 800 students, we are proud to be a diverse, friendly school and a place where the needs of each individual student are at the forefront of everything we do. We are proud to be a school where all students can make their mark and set their direction for life after secondary school.

Our school vision is ‘he puna auhah a centre of creative excellence’. Any vision is a statement of aspiration and while we may never be able to say ‘we are’, we try to use the vision as our guiding star as we navigate our journey towards those individuals, and personalized pathways – academic, cultural, sporting. It is no coincidence that our visionary statement on creativity aligns with our ‘Learn Create Share’ pedagogy. We believe that creativity is central to being human, and to ensuring the best life outcomes for everyone.

Hornby High School is also proud to be one of seven fantastic schools in the Uru Mānuka Cluster, which have been part of the Manaiakalani Outreach Programme since 2015. We work collaboratively to accelerate student achievement through the Learn, Create, Share, pedagogy. Our aim is for students to be empowered and connected, and for their learning to be visible and enabled to occur anywhere, at any time.