The Create element of Manaiakalani's Learn, Create, Share pedagogy empowers students to be able to show their learning in new ways. Creativity helps students make sense of their learning and build new knowledge pathways. This page has some ideas and apps for teachers to consider when designing lessons to hook students in through Create tasks.

‘Create’ Task Generator

Looking for some Create inspiration? Use the Create Generator table to help you consider the purpose and guide lesson development

Creative Writing Tools

Screen and video apps


An audio and visual experience for students to create and record their own music

Runs in browser

Chrome music lab

Create and record simple music tracks which are then downloadable and ready to import to another app

Runs in browser

Primary student Michael blog post, Copyright Song

Online Voice Recorder

Create an editable mp3 file by recording your own voice in the browser. Students can practice reading aloud or create their own podcast using downloadable files.

Runs in browser

Body Snyth

Experimental browser based music app to interact with the body. Requires camera access.

Runs in browser


Interactive tools for graphing, geometry, collaborative whiteboard

Runs in browser + html embeddable.

Sign up required for html share code

Student blog post example

Numeracy - Making 3D Shapes

Coding Shapes in Scratch


This slide deck shows you how to create geometric shapes using the programming application Scratch

Sign up required to save work. Best to create a teacher account first.


Introduce your students to Python with Trinket. Easily share or embed the code.

Runs in browser. Sign up required to save work.


Voice recording app that runs in the browser. MP3 files can be uploaded to allow a voice over. Recordings can be downloaded or shared via a weblink

Runs in browser

Make Belief Comix

Students can easily create a comic strip or cartoon using inbuilt characters or uploading their own images.

Runs in browser

Student blog post example

Formal and informal writing

This handy browser tool lets you upload images and remove the background ready for downloading and using in other apps.

Runs in browser

Google Arts & Culture

Explore artists and art galleries from around the world. Interactive elements are educational and fun to experiment with.

Runs in browser

Adobe's Colour Wheel

A great site for learning about the colour wheel, Create your own colour palette and learn about hex codes to apply in their own digital creations.

Runs in browser

Break your own news

The Breaking News Meme Generator - Create a breaking news image, just add your photo, write the headline. Image files can be downloaded

Runs in browser

Photofuna is a web browser application that allows you to upload your own image to a variety of backgrounds. There are plenty of effects available to support creative writing ideas, news and magazine articles.

Runs in browser


A free online photo editing and image app. An alternative to the popular Photoshop.

Runs in browser

Google's Autodraw

Google's experimental tool that tries to guess what you're drawing. Objects are downloadable as jpeg files which can be imported to other projects

Runs in browser

Crossword Labs

Make your own crossword on any topic then embed into any site, blog or print off your crossword.

Runs in browser

Graphic organisers, great for brainstorming. Three mindmaps are available for free. Students will need to sign in to save and download their work.

Runs in browser


An online collaborative brainstorming app. Watch Tamaki College teacher, Kata O'Donnell's presentation to see how she used it with her students.

Google Maps

If you have a gmail account, you can create your own interactive map. Students can add information, photos and videos to explain for example global manufacturing.

Runs in browser - requires Gmail account

Student blog post example

Understanding globalisation


Have students create a short video recording themselves and/or their screen explaining what they've learned. Free editions allow for 5 minute recordings.

Extension must be installed in browser.

Create a timeline with Timegraphics. Easy to use and add a range of content including images, charts and videos for an interactive experience. It also has access to statistical data from New Zealand and around the world.

Runs in browser, login required, timelines must be made public under the free licence