LEARN - Apps to engage students with learning and understanding concepts


Google Maps

If you have a gmail account, you can create your own interactive map. Students can add information, photos and videos to explain for example global manufacturing.

Runs in browser - requires Gmail account

Student blog post example

Understanding globalisation

Google Earth

Google Earth can bring lessons to life with the ability to virtually travel anywhere. This interactive tour views geometry through famous architecture across the world. Create your own or click on the Voyager tab

Runs in browser

Phet Colorado

Interactive simulations on a variety of science and maths topics.

Runs in browser + html embeddable


Google Trends can be used to introduce a topic or extend students' research projects. Compare and contrast different countries and time periods.

Runs in browser

Google Arts and Culture

Google Arts and Culture collates artworks from cultural institutions and artists around the world. Content can be searched by timelines and topics.

Runs in browser

Envisioning Chemistry

Fascinating films about the beauty of chemistry

Runs in browser

TedEd Lessons

With an extensive library of Ted Ed videos, teachers can easily make rewindable learning videos. Videos, come with suggested questions and discussion points which students can pause to answer.


Another great rewindable learning resource. Choose from a huge library of videos or find your own YouTube video to create your rewindable learning resource. Questions can be inserted throughout the video to help teachers gauge students understanding.

Khan Academy

Structured lessons using videos and questions on a wide range of topics created by the Khan Academy team.


Quizlet is a useful online website for teachers to help students revise vocabulary and or concepts. With a free account, teachers can create their own class and then use a range of interactive embeddable media to help students with their learning. It's easy to create or repurpose flashcards, spelling tests, and simple online games.